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I’ll tell you about the program VOLFIX. Program Volfix is an analytical and trading platform that will help you to make money on the stock exchange.

For whom is this program?

– If you are in the market for a long time, but you can not make money;

– If you need a completely different approach, not so popular among the most, but effective, that gives the exact ins and outs of the position;

– If you trade intraday and want to learn scalper method of entry and exit from position;

– If you are trading on the daily charts and want to see where big investors enter;

– If you just want to earn more from trading;

Then this program is for you.



How can you use the program Volfix?

There’re 2 variants:

Variant 1. You can analyze movement of tools based on the program Volfix, mark the levels,  choose the direction, and then trade using your terminal. You can trade Forex, CME, CBOTNICE, BITCOIN, NYSE, etc. in more detail here


Variant 2. You can open an account at your broker (or if you already have an account), and trade directly from Volfix, using it not only as an analytical, but also as the trading terminal. It is very convenient, check for yourself.


Once I tell you that it is not trading adviser and not a “black box”, which generates for you the ins and outs of the position. And by simply connecting the program, you will not earn millions on the market. VOLFIX is your assistant in the development and application of many strategies based on the analysis of the volume and helps you to better identify the entry and exit points.

Why we decided to make a program that provides a good visual picture of the market exactly on the volumes?  We believe in logic, and the logic of market movements is always such that the major players will always influence the market. As a major player enters the market, it will always push it. And if we will see a major player and go in the direction along with him, in most cases we make a profit. The major player will not be able to hide the volume. Because it is large, respectively, it will enter the market with large volumes that are displayed on the chart of program Volfix.

Below there are some examples of how large volumes reveal a major player.



The examples show, that if we enter with a large volume in the direction of movement, we probably get a profit.

Program developers Volfix are not just programmers, who have made a handy software for trading. They are the traders by their own, who regularly sell and show their trades on the air. Here you can see the transaction during the webinars in real time.

If you are still in doubt – download a trial version. Fill out all the fields and get a free access for 14 days to the program. Gain access here.


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