My name is Andrew Starkov and I represent a group of Volfix traders.
We trade on the market for over 20 years, many of us have traded back in the 90’s, when e-commerce was gaining momentum, and we were increasingly trading online. Even then, we began to realize that many of the most common views of the market do not have a sufficient basis for their effective use. When e-commerce was only appearing – most indicators such as moving averages, MACD, RSI, etc., were really effective, because few people used them. But when these methods have become popular, they have ceased to be profitable. In the 2000s algorithmic robots began to gain popularity. And many of them have been programmed for various market inefficiencies. And most of these inefficiencies were indicators. Since most of the indicators have a belated effect in relation to price, entry points, which they showed for successful robots, were moments of output or input in the opposite direction. It cannot be that 80 or 90 out of 100 people should be making money using the same approach. We have tried to add new graphics and synchronize them with each other until a graph on the screen started to look like this:


It was impossible to see here entry and exit points, as some indicators show the purchase, and the other – the sale. Of course, it did not improve our trade. We started trading in the negative. Getting profit in any trade became more difficult. Of course, there were geeks and lucky ones, that somehow used this information and still earned. But they can be counted on the fingers. All other wasted money, but they spent 8-10 hours a day on trading. We had to change something. And then there was a new approach. That less, there was a group of traders who continue to make money, not small, by the way. At that time they had already used a radically new look to the analysis of the market. It was not very popular, and we did not know much about it. Based not on price movement, but on the accumulation of the volume and activity of major players. After all, the big players are pushing prices. The idea was based on the views of Peter Steidlmayer, trader of CBOT (Chicago board of Trade) in his concept of Market Profile. It was a breakthrough, and we qualitatively improved our trade. At the same time we created the first software that has helped us to analyze markets using TPO; the concept of proactive and responsive movement of the price, the construction of bell-shaped curve, etc. gave us good benefits. Subsequently, we began to sell it to our colleagues, because the view using Volfix (short for Volume fixing) was completely different from the existing opinion that “the indicators provide clear views on the entry and exit position”. We continued to refine this approach and created more comfortable and visually comprehensible charts as Cluster Profile Cluster Chart, which made it possible to analyze the intra-day movement. Improving this trading system, we have demonstrated excellent results. But time does not stand still and slowly this method began taking root. Then we started to work on new ideas and new data processing. So we’ve created Box Chart and Tick Chart – which let you see the local accumulation, which was very effective for scalping. So was the Combo Bar – components for tool and a pair of his analysis appeared for a better comparison of the different periods of accumulation volumes: Range Bar – nonlinear charting, Reverse Chart – search and better visual display intraday reversals. Today Volfix has 21 components to search and display the accumulated volume and price movements.
Look at the chart below. Everything is simple: we see growth of price, large accumulation of volume at the top, and the bottom histogram shows that this was selling.


You do not need to be Einstein to understand that it was fixing. And in the future the price will go down. The indicators would show that you need to buy it at this point. But in fact there was a way out of those who bought earlier.
Of course, all is not so simple, and our program does not guarantee that, using it, you will immediately start earning money. But we guarantee, that having a radically different view on the market, you will see the market as traders saw it in a pit, who traced not only the movement of the price but also who and with what volume moved it. It would be folly to try to stop the train when it is at full speed. Also it’d be crazy to trade against the major players.
The logic of our strategy is very simple. Our task is to determine large amounts, to see whether they are proactive (ie, initiating the continuation of movement, i.e. the entry of big players) or responsive (profit taking by large parties), and open positions towards direction, in which the movement goes. It is difficult to predict the market in the long term, but with such a look and feel, you can predict with a high probability price movement from a few minutes to a few weeks.
I will not convince you of that. You need just to download the trial version, fill out the registration form, receive login password at your email. And try. Just try it.
Sincerely, Andrew Starkov!