3 main principles when working with the volume

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You should understand there are two kind of DATA.

One of them is Primary data: the time, the price and the volume of trade, which are publicly broadcast by the exchange, on the fact of the transaction. Othetr, such as moving average, RSI, MACD  and  such indicator  as Delta, BID, ASK and derived data (% of Delta, ASK – BID and so on) are the calculated data.  They are calculated according to the formulas. And are derived from a primary data.  So here’s the first «main principle»: (more…)

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Why do traders lose their money?


74% of traders are not involved in the analysis of their trades. Therefore, they do not know how strong their benefits are.

66% of traders are constantly changing their strategies as soon as they received losses several times.

73% of the traders do not have any somehow formalized strategy. This 5-year study led us to a very interesting conclusion.

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Trading and professional sport

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Many traders come into this business to make money. They like trading and continue to develop in this direction. They begin to study the literature, watch different videos on YouTube and trying to find the “Holy Grail” of trading, namely – unique trading system, which would allow, with the minimum of time to get the maximum of income. (more…)

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