With the help of the program Volfix you can analyze the following data:

1. By timeframe and data output – data from teak to weekly. With the division into clusters, with the possibility of compression of price (pricescale), visual display of accumulation and distribution of volumes.

2. By type of data – You can display the price, volume, only BID, only ASK, BID-ASK, DELTA (difference between the BID and ASK) in absolute terms, DELTA as a percentage, the ratio of volume and DELTA in absolute terms, the ratio of volume and DELTA in percentage, CUMULATIVE DELTA, Day Cumulative Delta, Trades, Delta–trades, Maximal tick volume, ticks, Volume – ticks.


3. The possibility of constructing nonlinear bars in Reverse Chart and Range bar Chart. Bars are not formed on the timings but with the accumulation of the required set of data.

4. Comparison. You can compare the price movement in different periods of the same instrument, putting the price of one instrument on another one (Combo bar) or compare at the same time the movement of two tools on the same graph and find a correlation between them (Bar Chart).

5. Counters. One can find a variety of data, namely:

a.  The correlation between two instruments (Delta Search);

b.  Number of trades, the volume of trades, the total bid, the ask and the delta at a certain price (All price);

c.  Number of traders, volume of traders, the total bid, the ask and the delta at a certain price within a period of                several seconds to several hours (Minute counter)

d.  The maximum volume, the total volume, the size of the bar, the number of traders, volume of traders, the                    total bid, the ask and the delta, for a selected period of days and the chosen time frame (e.g. 15 min, 5 min)                    Volume Search.


e. Determine the number of ticks and tick size for the selected period, of price selected, of chosen instrument.

6. Analysis of trading. Can analyze Closed P & L, Open P & L, Total P & L, Performance report with various indicators, yours and traders’, who trade publicly. Using various instruments or all simultaneously. (Autofollow Desk)

7. Get the latest news from the markets (NEWS).

8. To trade using convenient module Order Window, in which you can:

a. Open positions using the mouse.

b. Except limit and market orders, to put complicated orders such as: triggers for purchase/ sale/ closing position/ exit from all transactions and cancellation of all orders, take profit with stop order, take profit with trailing stop loss.

c. The ability to put a stop loss and take profits in pips and money.

d. Management of the capital (money management). Lock bills on time on reaching stop-loss limits. Blocking the number of inputs for a given period, etc.

e. The ability to manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

f. Trading arbitrage transactions.

g. Trading options.


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