Modules Volfix

The program Volfix have a large number of modules (Components) and at first glance it is very difficult to understand. In this topic we will examine the functions of each module and explain why they are necessary. Please see this video that describes the functions of the various modules.

All modules Volfix can be divided into 4 types – graphics, counters, trading modules and news components.

Also you can see describing of most popular components here.

Charts include the following components:

  1. Bar Chart is designed to provide an overview of price movement. You can compare 2 different instruments on the basis of these data, you can make arbitrage transactions. Suitable for medium-term trader.


  1. Box Chart – designed to analyze intraday. When properly configured, it allows accurate over inputs and outputs. Suitable for intraday traders, scalpers.


  1. Classic Profile – a classic look, according to Steydlmayer. Use better for traders with medium and long-term goals, savings.


  1. Cluster Chart – universal chart, based on clusters, which can show volumes, proportion of aggressive sales and purchases (delta), can separately output data only for purchases, sales, buying and selling at the same time, the percentage of purchases / sales, the amount of the purchase or sale, tics, etc. Generates common data bar (horizontal bars) by volume, the delta in absolute numbers, percentages, etc. One can construct an indicator VWAP.
  2. Cluster Profile – also the most common chart used for intraday trading and trade with longer targets. The specifics of chart is in a convenient visual representation of accumulation of volumes.
  3. Combo Bar – compares the price movement in different periods. Mainly suitable for position trading, but also can be used intraday. You can compare the price movement and accumulation of volumes in the period of: seconds, hour, day, week, month.
  4. Rang Bar Chart – used for non-linear accumulation of volumes. It is possible to form bars based on the number of accumulation of the volume, size, delta.
  5. Reverse Chart – a graph that shows a possible reversal. Also it’s not a linear graph that’s constructed on the basis of accumulation.
  6. Tick Chart – designed to display tick data. Very suitable for intraday trading and scalping.

The counters are the following charts:

  1. Aggregate Statistics – designed for the analysis of different tools simultaneously in a predetermined period.
  2. All price – designed for searching volumes. Displays data on trades, Volume, Bid, Ask, Delta, for the selected period.
  3. Delta Search – designed for searching paired arbitrage tools.


  1. Market Watch – shows the current situation, namely the current price, the percentage of growth in the fall, volume, time, etc.
  2. Мinute Counter – shows the data on accumulations for the minute and second intervals for the given tool. Needed to search for large amounts.


  1. Tick Search – designed for ticks search, analysis of the distribution of ticks in the price range, etc.
  2. Volume Journal – It shows what time the instrument has formed a new maximum amount.
  3. Volume Search – depending on the selected timeframe can show the volume of the bar, the size of the bar, the number of transactions, Bid, Ask, Delta.
  4. Volume Profile – shows the profile of the selected tool accumulation.


The trading modules are:

  1. Auto follow desk – a table comparing and analyzing both your results and the results of the various participants, who openly demonstrate their trades. You can see both transactions, and various analytical summary of the participants, such as: Perfomance report, Trades, OpenP & L, etc.
  2. Order Window – module, through which you can execute transactions when connected to Exchange. Without a connection to the stock exchange – can be traded in the DEMO mode.

News modules include:

  1. News – current market news. You can select a different date or search by words.
  2. Systems News – updates and news of platform.




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