For any questions you can write to <a href="mailto:support@volfix tablette viagra.net”>support@volfix.net or Skype: _VolFix_Support_.


  1. I signed up, downloaded the program but I do not have access to enter.

You need to check your mail. Access to the program (login and password) is coming on mail indicated during registration. If you make a mistake in writing the e-mail – do re-register with the correct e-mail.

  1. I downloaded the program, gained access on mail. But I can not run the program.

А. Perhaps you’ve downloaded the program is not appropriate for your operating system. During the first boot you are offered to download the version of your operating system.

В. You are given a test period of one week from the date of the first run. Perhaps you’ve already run the program 1 time a week ago, and your period is over. Please contact your customer support and ask to extend access for another week. Note: the maximum test run of the program can not exceed more than 2-weeks.


  1. How to find a tool that I want to trade?

To search tool – enter any module and press the menu SETUP>SYMBOLLOOKUP or Ctrl+L. In the selected menu, select the tool, using DESCRIPTION or SYMBOL. In the extended version, you can find the index, watching the symbols of exchange you are interested in. When you find your character – click 2 times on the left mouse button, and the symbol is displayed on the upper left panel.

  1. There’re a lot of modules: with which to start?

Description of all modules you can find here. You can start with the most popular: ClusterProfile, ClusterChart.

  1. How to set up a chart for yourself.

You can read here about chart setting under your own trade regime.

  1. What indicators are there in Volfix.


In our program, there is only one indicator VWAP, the meaning of the program is to analyze the volume precisely and predicting price based on the volume accumulation.


  1. Where can I learn more about the program and how to use it to make money?

You can watch video tutorials here. And also sign up for lessons – here.


  1. If I trade Forex, how can I use your software?

FOREX market completely repeats the currency movements on the CME. That is, CME is a guide of FOREX movement. You can analyze the behavior of the currency on the CME through Volfix, and trade using the terminal of your broker. For more details you can read here.



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