METHODS OF MARKET ANALYSIS: vertical bar chart

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The vertical bar graphs are used most frequently, but, in my opinion, they are not very informative. These data indicate the number of transactions that took place during the selected period. This can give us insight in what time of day the most active trades happen, whether the growth or drop in prices is confirmed by a significant volume

or not. Vertical chart can also show the reaction of the market to a certain level. Unlike other programs, in Volfix we can see not only the total volume but also the context of who behaved more aggressively: buyers or sellers. You can also see proportion of aggressive sales and purchases i.e. the final difference. You can separately look at only aggressive sellers or aggressive buyers, as well as the overall cumulative value for the delta and ratio of delta to the accumulated volume. This gives us an understanding of who won in this time period, how strong is this victory, as well as whether the victory is significant on the background of other time periods. For example, here we see that customers have won this time, but we also see that during the day sellers have been dominating, so the victory of buyers is only a certain correction against the general selling pressure. Knowledge of aggressive behavior of buyers and sellers will give you an overall picture of market position. We can “understand” market atmosphere both in the local time interval, for example at five-minute intervals, as well as more globally on the daily and weekly levels.

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