Trading and professional sport

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Many traders come into this business to make money. They like trading and continue to develop in this direction. They begin to study the literature, watch different videos on YouTube and trying to find the “Holy Grail” of trading, namely – unique trading system, which would allow, with the minimum of time to get the maximum of income.

After all, the goal of most is absolutely banal: lying on a beach somewhere in the islands, opening the trading terminal several times a day and earning millions.

Now I wanna break it down for you! Very hard! This is an absolute utopia and absolutely unreal!

See how professional sportsmen are preparing for competitions: they follow strict diet, regularly carry out enhanced trainings, use modern technology to improve results and constantly improve themselves. It’s very hard. It is not for everyone.

Trading is like such competitions. I like it because you don’t necessarily need to be the first to win. It is enough to be better than others. Think again about that phrase! You need to be better than others, but not necessarily to be the first! You need to know your exact advantages!

Think it over, how these sportsmen spend their time and money: they are buying the best equipment, using the latest technologies, working with the best coaches. Professional cyclists, participating in the Tour de France, order bikes for their own body types, while the cost of such bike can be more than $ 100 000. Some hire a team that helps them to achieve success. Some participate in such teams. They work out their techniques for thousands of times, doing the same things day after day!

And now compare with your work! How much time do you spend on market research and how much directly on the trading itself? What technologies do you use? How do you hope to defeat the other participants, if you use the “old or bad equipment”? Schumacher could never win if he participated in the professional race on ordinary car. He would have had any chance, despite all his talent and efficiency. Armstrong could not win Tour de France, having just bought the ordinary bike in the nearest shop and or having borrowed it would from a neighbor. Just imagine: «I’m gonna win the Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2015 (Motocross tournament), I bought a helmet, read a couple of books and borrowed a neighbor’s moped, I cannot afford to buy a motorcycle, because I am not sure that I can win!». You think, you’ll will with the moped?! Of course not, this is an absurd! But when people say: «I use Quick program or Metatrader, just because they are free and I’m not going to pay money for real programs, I’d rather make money without spending a lot of money». It sounds very logical, right? Except for one word: MAKE MONEY! It’s like that: «I’m going to participate in motocross, and will pay for it, but since I’m not sure I can win – I’m not going to use a professional motorcycle, because I do not want to spend money for its rental or purchase. But I still really want to win!». It sounds very logical, yeah?

If you want to practice, it is possible to do it on moped. But at some point, all the same you’ll need to change to a motorcycle. They run quite differently. And if you really want to do it, then you need a motorcycle. As well as coach.

Do you know why people do not? Because they do not believe it! “I want to earn millions on the market, but I’m not kind of fool to buy any training courses or purchase any programs, as I do understand that it’s just for making money on me!”.

Imagine Schumacher saying: “I do not want to spend money to buy a Ferrari for competitions or training. You know how much it costs? Do you know how much are the tires for it?! How many tires do I need to practice?! Toyota Celica looks almost the same and is ten times cheaper. And I do not need a coach. I’m not goof to pay him money. Can’t I drive?!» He’d an idiot, right?! But when you want to learn something – then you say usually “no”. This material I would like to receive for free. I know that it can benefit me. But I do not want to pay for it. I do not want to have a coach-mentor, as this also requires money. I want to learn everything by myself, using “that moped”!

Good luck to you!

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